sunday morning larch

It was a quiet wet morning in the garden centre today so I had a go at this larch which I had intended working on yesterday.


The result is not very exciting, but I couldn’t find anything else in the tree this morning…



more pines

Collected another few pines but I think it may be a bit early for them, we’ll see..

Potted them up in grit with a bit of sphagnum on top, plus a little bit of mycorizzha in each too. 

more trees

Some nice trees from a day out in South Galway. I’ve lost some of the names. 

Windswept hawthorn near Tracht Beach, Kinvara, Galway
Nebari from salix caprea, goat willow, Coole Park, Galway
Pinus ?, very thick bark ridges, Coole Park, Galway.

Very old Thuja plicata, Western Red Cedar multi-stem, Coole Park, Galway.

Fagus sylvatica, European Beech nebari, Coole Park, Galway.


This small sorbus has been sitting around for a while with no obvious (to me) direction. So a repot today, change of angle, sit in a prominent place and maybe a plan will present itself to me over the winter.

blackthorn carving

This blackthorn was a weed seedling collected from a garden in Spring 2014. it had grown well in a fertile garden bed so the trunk is thick but still still has young bark.

Today I played with a cheapo rotary tool and attempted some carving.

I will grow it on for a while to thicken the branches and do some clip and grow in the next few years.